Main conference

We host one highly anticipated Main Conference every year, each with a different theme. Our conference allows you to hear from speakers that have done extraordinary things, and connect to fellow attendees who share your passion for learning. Limited to 100 attendees, the Conference is extremely popular amongst members of the University and wider Glasgow community alike.

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Main Conference's Speakers

Dr. Stephen Greer

Dr Stephen Greer is currently an academic at the University of Glasgow but has a history of working in the festival circuit.  His work focuses on performance making and contemporary performance vs queer theory studies.

Dr Greer’s talk is about wilful distortion and the active pursuit of distortion through queerness.

Nina Schick

Nina Schick is an author and broadcaster, and her work focuses on how society is being reshaped by technology and artificial intelligence. Nina has more than a decade’s worth of experience in both geopolitics and technology and has worked on major international political events, including the EU migrant crisis, election interference, Brexit, and information warfare, and has advised major political leaders in the past, including Biden. Her book “Deepfakes” investigates “the corrosion of our information ecosystem” and is currently available for purchase. 


Nina’s talk will examine “deepfakes” under a philosophical light, forcing us to consider the ethical challenges that distorting video technology brings.

Tracy Phillipsis

Tracy Phillipsis a community activist, CEO and founder of Family Sentence, a charity set up to support prisoners families. Tracy has over 16 years experience with the Scottish Prison Service (SPS) which inspired her to start the charity. 


Tracy’s talk will be about the injustices done to prisoners’ families and sharing her experience as a single mother with 2 children whilst her partner was imprisoned.

Rachel Dallas

Rachel Dallas is a Glaswegian activist, involved in helping Glasgow celebrate and support the Black Community. She originally started a Gofundme last summer to help commission street art in support of the Black Lives Matter movement in Glasgow. 

This has kickstarted her project in celebrating Black icons through street art all around the city. Her talk will be about racism in Scotland and tackling this issue through art.

Kathleen Reynolds

Kathleen Reynolds is in primary teaching currently studying for a second masters in Inclusive Education. She is a carer and is passionate about LGBT+ issues and Additional Support Need Education. 


Their talk will address the conspiracy that teaching children about LGBT+ issues will ‘turn them gay’. Kathleen’s research into this area will be discussed and how homophobia in school impacted her as a student and as a teacher

Madeleine Black

Madeleine Black is an author and public speaker based in Glasgow. She has made it her aim to help others find their voice, strength and end the stigma surrounding sexual violence, through storytelling. 


Having previously spoken at TEDxGlasgow, she will be returning to the TEDxUniversityofGlasgow stage and talk about how she found her voice and purpose through sharing her story. 

Ameerah Gardee

Ameerah Gardee was born and raised in Glasgow, with her family originally being from South Africa. She is currently in her second year of university studying Neuroscience, with a view to pursuemedicine. 


She will discuss how the ways in which current affairs are presented influence our perception of their significance in our increasingly partisan society, and perhaps offer some thoughts on what we might do to challenge that divide.

Hannah MacMillan

Hannah MacMillan is an actor, director, writer, comedic and film-maker based in Glasgow. Hannah has worked on various creative projects throughout the years, and has been finding ways to stay creative during lockdown. As a contributor for the BBC’s Social channels, and a respected creative in the industry, she has loads of insight into how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the creative industry. 



Hannah’s talk will be about being a creative during lockdown and conversing about what’s next for the industry.

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