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From socials to workshops up to our Main Conference, we organise a variety of different events for you to attend.
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Public Speaking Workshop

9th September 6.15-8pm
Boyd Orr Building
How confident are you at public speaking? Does your voice quiver and palms sweat? TEDxUniversityofGlasgow and the Dialectic Society will deliver a bespoke session to help you overcome your fear of public speaking with a chance to work in teams, incorporate what you learnt and present to your fellow students. It will be a brilliant opportunity; whether you want to become more confident for group presentations, be able to speak to clients with more impact, or deliver speeches in public with more success, TEDxUniversityofGlasgow and the Dialectic society will help you get there!

TEDx Taster Talks

4th November
Location TBC

The taster talks event is our first conference of the year. We will have 10 speakers, most of them students, that will hold a TEDx talk. As an audience member, you will have the opportunity to vote for 2 speakers who you think should participate in our main conference.

Christmas Dinner

14th November
Location TBC
For the first time, TEDx will be hosting a Christmas Dinner. This is one of our social events where you can talk to the team and connect to other people that are part of our community. Come join our Christmas Dinner for an enjoyable evening.

Mini conference

22nd January
Glasgow University Union
Have you ever been to a TEDx conference? Do you want to try one out? This event is for you to have a glimpse of what TEDx is all about. Held on campus, this event is for you to try and get inspired!

Launch Party

10th February
Location TBC
For the first time, the theme of this year’s Main Conference will be revealed publicly. A social event with many performers and entertainment acts, it acts as a prelude for our Main Conference and celebrates all that was achieved in the build-up.

Main Conference

1st March
The Main Conference is the largest event and an all-day event where audience members can expect to hear 10 TEDx talks about new ideas, all revolving around a common theme. The event also includes performers, a variety of booths and catering throughout the day.
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