Meet our proud partners!

Thomas Tunnock Limited, or Tunnock’s, have been very helpful in providing catering for our events. By offering their services and their delicious tea cakes and caramel wafers, they ensured we had enough snacks to cater for our audience during our Open Auditions. The crowd was delighted to have free refreshments during such events, and Tunnock’s enabled us to provide them with locally produced, filling and tasty bites from a household Scottish brand. We would like to personally thank you for sponsoring us and entrusting us with your products, and would be delighted to hand out your products at one of our events again.

Becoming a partner means embarking on a journey. Being a partner is a brilliant opportunity raise awareness within a top university, meeting a diverse audience of students, staff, alumni and professionals attending the conference. The events allow networking for enthusiastic and like-minded people from different areas to share ideas worth spreading.

For more information on becoming a partner, please get in contact with the Partnership Team!