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Soumya Polavarapu

International biochemistry & Art history student

Her speech is titled”Decolonize your mind” and deals with how the spectre of colonisation still looms over ex-colonies, under the form of a colonial mentality remaining in our society. How does this affect prejudice against colonised countries?

His talk is a poetic and anecdotal retelling of the modern experience of shame, exploring the dichotomy of life in the “closet” and how one viral poem helped him break free. 

Sean Lìonadh

Award-winning glaswegian film-maker and poet

Elisa Morgera

professor of global environmental law at university of strathclyde

Elisa’s talk will shine a light on a different way to get social acceptance for natural resource development projects. By focusing on fair and equitable benefit-sharing of indigenous peoples’ rights to natural resources, everyone will benefit, including the Earth. 

The next big “technology”? Insects. Miha’s talk will focus on the immense potential these little creatures hold and how they can help us fix the current food system. 

Miha Pipan

Co-founder & Scientific lead at entomics biosystems

Noor Sabha

Psychology student

Her talk will be about the ups and downs of rebelling against societal expectations, and how this became the first and most important step in her journey towards happiness and self-acceptance. 

Judith heads social and civil progress at the top legal level, and has a long standing involvment in social justice. She works towards a better Scotland, free of human rights violations and discrimination, and urges you  to know your rights,  and feel comfortable demanding them. 


Judith Robertson

Chair of scottish human rights association

Mark Symes

lecturer in energy conversion and electrochemistry

What if in the future, you are going to have to go on an energy diet? Mark’s talk is going to take us into the realm of energy consumption as a species, looking into the current situation and how it might affect our lifestyles tomorrow. 

Matt is the founder of Freedom Bakery, a social enterprise that helps people with convictions. Freedom has grown to become one of the most respected wholesale bakeries in the west of Scotland, supplying over 90 restaurants, cafés and delis. Also an expert in social investment, he works as a consultant for funds and charity clients. He is a graduate of the University of Glasgow and University of Cambridge, where he was awarded alumnus of the year in 2016. 

Matt Fountain

Founder of freedom bakery

Paula McGuire

author, anxiety survivor trier & failer

For thirty years, Paula lived under a rock, suffering crippling anxiety that would eventually rob her of even the most basic freedoms. Today, she is a triathlete, speaker, stilt-walker, mental health ambassador and columnist. Come and find out what happened in between!